[CLIO] Kill Cover Highest Wear Foundation 30ml #2 Bp Lingerie

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Brand: CLIO

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Silicon coating pigment covers bothering blemishes perfectly

TPerfect clean application, reapplication gives no smudge.

Perfect thin cover highest formula (4 years of studies with famous Italian manufacturer only INTERCOSHINE-IDC technology applied)

New Shiny Polymer provide coating shield giving clean make up fitting.

Gellified Volatile Oil and Volatile Oil best mix ratio with long last.


How to use

Speedy and natural make up : Using finger temperature applying quick and naturally for perfect cover

Non smudging glowing make up : Use brush to apply thin layer evenly between pores for silky glowing skin look


002.Lingerie, 003.Linen, 004.Ginger

Brand Information

No.1 Practical Professional Makeup Brand Clio is a make-up brand born in 1993 by a professional make-up artist with the longest history in Korea. It exists for women who know the pleasure and value of beautifying themselves and, with innovative quality, aesthetic color, and stylish design containing a professional artist's know-how, it enables anyone to wear a professional make-up easily and simply.

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