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ABRAHAM K HANGUL shows you human’s hidden identities through the hyperrealism and modernism based in new generation denim collection. The brand believe that, all human being have more than 2 identities in their body. And we are very interested about chaos between original identity and subconscious identities. pull out human’s 2nd, 3rd or other additional identities from their body and express it through by new way modern denim collection with color contracts between Black and White. The brand wants to publish reanalysis hyperrealism and modernism motivated new denim collection into the market. Will show to the market totally different way to use denim fabric combined with material from nature and material from new technologies. Moreover, will offer a perfect fit to customers by studying and developing patterns and innovated denim materials. It will deliver high quality and perfect fit products to customer. The brand loves nature, and it is a very important key of stepping forward more closely to our customer. All pieces will make in eco-friendly systems. The brand loves to communicate with customer. We believe that, customer is our designer and brand manager.

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